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Coronavirus and supply chains

Today our government has closed all schools, institutions, public gatherings and essentially started a lock down process for our little island. In this process they urged people not to panic buy, but like anything you are told not to do, people went and panic bought anyway. Supermarket shelves emptied of bread and pasta and toiletries. Supermarkets have assured there is plenty of food in the supply chain, and I've no doubt there is. But are we not seeing that maybe we rely on these supply chains that come from all over the world, may have it's draw backs.

But Take this as an option, let's say for a thought that more people bought from their local farms and farmers, through drop off points, buying clubs or delivery system. We empower more small farmers to develop these systems and we will have more choices and innovation. Buying our food in these manners have benefits to not only the farmer but the consumer also. Eating a local food diet means you eat in season, I mean how is it right to eat tomatoes in December or strawberries in march. Why not make jam and preserve your berries and make sauce from your tomatoes and freeze it, little steps that an older generation who had a local food system understand. It may also benefit your immune system, eating real food is important. Eating food that has a shelf life of twelve months is dangerous.

On another brief note not shipping food from all sides of the globe will help the environment. Imagine we didn't ship beef from Brazil and worked with our local farmers. Cut the supply chain to within a couple of hours instead of a couple of days boat and truck journeys.

The global pandemic has opened my eyes to how fragile a system could be and how fragile our immune systems have become. We live in a time of killing 99.9% of bacteria. But people need to realise we need some of this bacteria, it exercises our immune system and builds it stronger. Unfortunately we are now at a point where we need to excessively wash and clean and avoid contact to prevent the escalation of the virus.

Give me a local food system anyday where my local farmer sells me my meat and maybe he stores it frozen until I'm ready to consume. Give me local eggs pasture raised any day. Eating honey from your own region is vital. Eat in season, learn to can foods, make jam and syrups. Understand what herbs can do for you.

When this crisis settles I hope people will look at their own supply chains and evaluate if it is the best way.