Do you offer delivery services?

We have drop off points in each of the towns listed on our home page. We drop off at these points every 2 weeks on a weekday evening.

What happens my order if I go away on holidays during the summer and miss a pick up point

We would hope that you could get a family member or friend to take the order for you. If not you can let us know in advance and we can organise it for the end of the season.

Can I just buy and pay per week?

Yes it is possible to buy from us like so. We offer cheaper options to buy from us through our subscription. But we appreciate all custom.

What if I want a Chicken or eggs every week?

If this happens you can contact us and we can arrange to meet you.

What is a Subscription

Basically it means that you are supporting a farm for the coming season. We offer our products to you at the beginning of the season. You pay up front or monthly for them and in return we provide you with those products for the season ahead.