Broadfield Farm

We are a local food community producing seasonal Veg, pasture reared chickens, Turkeys and eggs using regenerative agricultural practices.


What We Do

At Broadfield Farm, our mission is to create a farm that produces high quality food for our local community. While moving away from conventional agricultural practices and moving into more regenerative based agriculture. This means we mimic nature while still running a profitable enterprise. To mimic nature we use daily moves of our hen mobile to keep or hens healthy and fertilise our soil. Our meat birds get moved daily onto fresh grass and are reared outdoors most of their lives eating a grain diet along with foraging for bugs and worms. Our Market garden is using a no dig approach in which we lay down compost and never dig up the soil. This suppress any weeds and means we do not need any nasty sprays to grow your vegetable. All of this is labour intensive work, But when you love what you do is it work? Mick

Our Drop off Points

Our Drop off points will be in the following Locations and Times.

Each week alternates. Week 1 begins 5th May, Week 2 is 12th of May and so on.

  • Week 1


  • Kilkenny

Woodies car park on Ring Road 5.15-5.30pm

  • Waterford 

Tesco car park ardkeen 6.30-6.45pm 

Cleaboy Car Park 7.00 - 7.10pm

Waterford (Ferrybank) Aldi 7.20 - 7.30pm

  • New Ross 

 Tesco Car Park 8.00 - 8.15pm


  • Wexford Town 

Ferrybank Swimmingpool car park 6.00 - 6.15pm

McDonalds Car Park 6.30-6.45pm

Weighbridge Opposite Maldron 6.50 - 7.10pm

  • Oilgate

Slaney Inn Car Park 7.30 - 7.40pm

  • Enniscorthy

tour de france monument 8-8.15pm

  • Week  2


  • Gorey

Tesco Car Park 6.30-6.45pm

  • Arklow

Tesco Car Park 7.10-7.30pm


  • Beehive 6.00 - 6.15pm

  • Exit 17 6.15 - 6.30pm

  • Greystones Supervalu Upper car Park Charlesland 7.00-7.30pm

  • Bray Woodies car park 7.45-8.00pm

Our hens enjoy freedom of the farm, here

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